Lada Tackling is Russia’s Newest Sport

Russian versus Lada 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube/edited by autoevolution
Since ancient times, human males felt the urge to show off their physical power in as many ways as they could to enforce respect and conquer the ladies.
That’s how sports like arm wrestling, bear wrestling and the Olympics came around, along with the World’s Strongest Man contest where large guys flip huge monster-truck tires and carry hundreds of kilos around.

But it looks like a new sport has arrived now. It’s origins seem to be located somewhere in Russia and we named it “Lada Tackling”.

Unlike in the World’s Strongest Men contest, Lada Tackling won’t just throw tires or an engine block at you to carry around as far as possible, but it actually gives you the fully built vehicle.

Of course, a standing vehicle can be easily harassed in many ways and even be flipped over by a muscular enough body-builder. So Lada Tackling implies more than just abusing a poor old Russian unable to defend itself.

No, they took it one notch up and put a driver behind the wheel, telling him to do his best to run over the muscular candidate, whose task is to attack the car from the front and ‘survive’.

The model they use in this beginning round of Lada Tackling is a Lada 110 made in the ‘90s. It comes with a 1.6-liter four-banger that puts out approximately 90 hp while its total weight tips the scales at around 1,050 kg (2,315 lbs).

Whoever gets to win the first round gets to tackle the much stronger 4x4 Lada Niva. How’s that for a challenge?
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