Kourtney Kardashian Owns Exclusive SUPER73 x YSL Bike, Similar to Britney Spears'

After Britney Spears flaunted her beautiful SUPER73-RX bike, Kourtney Kardashian also showed she owns one – an exclusive and very expensive collaboration of the bike maker with Yves Saint Laurent.
Kourtney Kardashian's Super73 x YSL 6 photos
Super73 x YSL BikeSuper73 x YSL BikeSuper73 x YSL BikeSuper73 x YSL BikeSuper73 x YSL Bike
A few days ago, Britney Spears’ fiancé, Sam Asghari, shared a short video of the pop star casually sitting on a SUPER73-RX bike, and his followers simply loved it.

As a fan of Spears’, Kourtney Kardashian jumped at the opportunity to be just as trendy and revealed on Instagram Stories (see main photo of the gallery) she’s also the proud owner of a bike from the same brand. However, she does have to make the rest of her famous family proud with an exclusive model. And does it get more spectacular than a collaboration between SUPER73 and fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent? No, it doesn’t.

The beloved electric bike manufacturer announced the collaboration late last year, and the result combines modern performance with classic aesthetics. It comes with an all-black matte frame and custom black leather seats and handle. The French fashion brand put its details all over the bike, including the tires, seat, and battery cover. Of course, the e-bike is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and it will be a limited edition, only available at Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite stores in Paris and in Los Angeles.

Based on the SUPER73-S2, which comes with a price just shy of $4,000, the YVS version is, of course, more expensive, rated at $6,500, and it’s only available in black.

The SUPER72-S2 features a 250-watt motor and it’s also street legal, with several riding modes. It comes with the companies largest battery, a state-of-the-art 960 watt-hour long-range battery, which provides an estimated 74.5 miles (120 km) of range when ECO pedal assist mode is on.

So, there you have it. Kourtney manages to stay on trend, and she does that by adding a bit more flair with a limited-edition e-bike.


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