Kitty Hawk Shows More Behind-The-Scenes Action With The Flying Bike

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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
It’s been about a month since Kitty Haws unveiled its prototype flying bike to the public. If you were wondering how tough is it to learn how to fly one, the company recently revealed a new video from behind the scenes.
People have been always obsessed with flying a personal aircraft to give them absolute freedom. Several flying cars, like the Aerocar or Moller M400, have appeared in the past but failed to reach the masses.

Then the whole drone mania started in 2015-2016, and soon people discovered the tiny multi-rotor aircraft could be useful for things better than filming, racing, or spying on your naked neighbors. Yes, we’re talking about scaling them up to carry a person.

That’s what the Kitty Hawk Flyer basically is - an eight-rotor electric drone with a huge battery pack and motorcycle controls. Yet the thing is said to only weigh around 220 pounds (100 kg).

The FAA considers it to be an ultralight aircraft, and the company tells you don’t need a license to operate it. Although, the presentation videos so far suggests this flying apparatus is meant for some fun on a lake rather than commuting to work.

Kitty Hawk’s latest clip, which you can watch below, shows some of the Business Insider’s staff trying out the Flyer. They took part in some of the early test flights and pilot training, a process that involved connecting the machine to a special tether to helm accommodate with the idea of flying at first.

As you’ll see, you need just some basic training until your brain clicks, and some muscle memory gets built. From there, the company tells it’s as simple as playing on a game console.

The Flyer is said to be hitting the market by the end of the year, and you can already place a preorder.

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