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The Flying Car Just Got Approved for Testing

If you are against self-driving cars or green cars because they are too far away from your idea of a car, what are your thoughts on a flying car?
Terrafugia TF-X 4 photos
Terrafugia TF-XTerrafugia TF-XTerrafugia TF-X
If until now everything has been just an innovative idea, now it started moving further towards a dream come true. The Federal Aviation Administration has recently authorized car company Terrafugia to start testing a mini version of the TF-X flying car.

According to Dagny Dukach, the company’s spokesman, the TF-X is a 4-seater that will look similar to a full-size car, but with wings. The 32-member team has already started building the 2-foot long models, and the first tests are expected to begin soon. So, if you see some cars flying near Boston, don’t get spooked.

A flying car has been possessing many carmakers’ minds, including Henry Ford and engineers such as Paul Moller, for a long time now, but nobody has managed to get out of prototype mode yet.

Terrafugia’s been working on its flying car for almost ten years. The TF-X is being engineered with semi-autonomous flight and is going to be easier to control than an airplane, company officials state.

There are a bunch of problems the Woburn-based team must overcome, but their enthusiasm is contagious. The company is planning the car to be a plug-in hybrid-electric, but it still has to find a way to develop a battery technology that will suit the flying-car, according to Fortune.

That won’t be an easy task, but after all the testing is done, Terrafugia might ask for another FAA approval to allow it to test a full-scale model of the TX-F.

So, if you’re one of the many who still believe nothing can beat a classic internal combustion engine, and nothing compares to the feeling of driving your vehicle, you can relax because the flying car is not right around the corner yet.


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