Kitten Gets Stranded in a Tesla Model S, Seems to Like the Car

Kitten Gets Stranded in a Tesla Model S, Seems to Like the Car 1 photo
Photo: John Griswell on Vimeo
“Later that night, we heard meowing from the garage”. This sentence is more than enough to get our attention. If there’s also a Tesla Model S on top of that, then things sure get interesting. And it did get quite amusing when this EV owner from Austin, Texas realized he had a furry little kitten taking up residence in the motor compartment of his vehicle.
The amusing thing is, even though the grey kitty did get out of the car when they fed her, it would always return to its hiding spot. That is why the Tesla Model S owner eventually had to take the car to the Tesla Service Center where they took the underbody protection off and the cat out.

We put out food and left the garage door open, hoping it would leave overnight. But it only ate the food and climbed back in. On Sunday, we borrowed a live trap from a friend, put a can of fish in it, and left the car sit all day. This time the kitten came out, took a dump in the garage, left the tuna alone, and climbed back into the Tesla,” John Criswell told folks over at the garage.

Of course, you don’t have to be a cat lover to know that these furry balls like to hide in the tightest places they can find. We’re not that surprised this one chose the motor compartment of a car, but the fact that it would get back in after eating clearly tells us it’s a Tesla Model S fan.

Leaving all the jokes behind, we would like to mention something that may somehow connect to this story. It’s not literally something, but rather someone. In case you haven’t heard, know that Nikola Tesla was, in fact, a great cat lover. He talks with big words about his childhood pet in a letter he dedicated to Miss Pola Fotitch.

“But I was the happiest of all, the fountain of my enjoyment being our magnificent Macak—the finest of all cats in the world. I wish I could give you an adequate idea of the affection that existed between us. We lived for one another. Wherever I went, Macak followed, because of our mutual love and the desire to protect me. When such a necessity presented itself he would rise to twice his normal height, buckle his back, and with his tail as rigid as a metal bar and whiskers like steel wires, he would give vent to his rage with explosive puffs: Pfftt! Pfftt!

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