Super-Weird Humans Dress as Cats in VW Leasing Commercial

Cat? I'm a kitty cat and a dance, dance, dance. Cat? I'm a kitty cat and a meow, meow, meow. 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
We suspect that an average Gymkhana video costs Monster Energy in excess of a million dollars to shoot. Once it's published on Youtube, some cat videos still manage to get more views. Felines are excellent pets, and their furry little behinds make the internet go round. Volkswagen is making fun of that fact by making the most purrrfect ad ever seen by man.
A number of incredibly awkward folks dressed up as cats reenact some of the typical cat behaviours that end up on Youtube. These include jumping into cardboard boxes, attacking the printer, getting scared of a reflection and nonchalantly knocking down items to see how they fall.

The bad part about this commercial is that the horrible song is super-catchy, so you may end up watching this clip over and over again until your cerebellum coughs up a fur-ball.

"Cat? I'm a kitty cat and a dance, dance, dance. Cat? I'm a kitty cat and a meow, meow, meow."

The reason for this catastrophy of a commercial only becomes evident towards the end. Mister Puss-Puss pulls off an amazing 180-degree turn in a Golf R-line and delivers the punchline: "You don’t need to be a cat to get onto the internet and you don't need to buy a Volkswagen to enjoy one."

In a nutshell, you're about to spend 1 minute of your life pointlessly. And to ensure you've wasted just as much time with this as we did, we've compiled a whole bunch of cat videos that you won't be able to resist watching.

Editor's note: Ferdinand Piech has left Volkswagen and now the patients are running Arkham Asylum.

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