Driver Discovers Two Kittens Under the Hood of His Car

A driver noticed something was wrong with the way his engine sounded just a couple of meters after setting of on his journey. He stops, opens the hood on what appears to be a Skoda Superb and discovers not one but two kittens stuck under there.
Driver Discovers Two Kittens Under the Hood of His Car 1 photo
He grabs one the back and white one by the scruff of the neck and quickly reaches for the orange kitten, throwing both on the ground. It's hard not to hate this guy, especially when he shows no concern over the welfare of the fluffy animals. All he seems to care about is if there are any more under there and when he discovers there aren't, he continues on his journey.

Does this happen to him all the time? Seems like it. It's a well known fact that cats and especially kittens like to seek out warm places at night, which is why they often crawl into car engine bays. You can imagine those two actually came from underneath the car and ended up on the plastic cover at the top. Cats also have an instinct to explore tight places, which is why they sometimes get stuck like that.

If this were America, the SPCA would come and take them, maybe give this guy a fine. But it's Russia and… well, cats are abundant.

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