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Kia 7-Year Warranty Ad: Here's to You!

Kia has plenty of things to convince you not to be a badge snob. It offers efficient engines, cool design and awesome equipment levels. However, if you fail to be swayed by the LED lights and the self-parking features, there's always that famous 7-year warranty.
Kia backed by 7-year warranty 1 photo
What sort of person would ever put a warranty above all else. Well, lots of people, people who don't want to worry about what happens when a handle breaks or a wiper stops working.

To show appreciation for buying so many Kia, the UK division is now running this cool little advert in October. We're all kind of forgetful, clumsy or impatient, so all of us should be able to identity with this ad, even the non-Kia fans.

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