Join the First-Ever FAT Ice Race in the USA With Porsche Design's Utility 1 Chronograph

Limited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph 15 photos
Photo: Porsche Design
Limited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility ChronographLimited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph (FAT Strap)Limited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph (FAT Strap)Limited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph (FAT Strap)Limited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph
The year 2024 will forever go down as the year when Porsche took the FAT International Ice Race to Aspen, Colorado. So, to commemorate this special event, there's also a timepiece to go along with it, the 1 Utility chronograph.
Folks, if you're up in Aspen these days, you can be one of the first people to ever witness the FAT Ice Race in America. That's because 2024 marks the first time this historic event has come to the US. Yet, while everyone is talking about the race itself and all the classic and modern vehicles you can witness there, I've chosen to bring to light a different side of the FAT race, the limited edition 1 Utility chronograph, a piece of wearable art, that is sure to spark memories of days past and those to come.

Now, before we go one, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery. That way, you'll have a better idea of what Porsche Design (PD) has in store for us. Once you're ready, come back to the text to get a feel for what we see and even can't.

If you've taken the time to follow through with the above steps, you may have found yourself wondering where you may have seen this timepiece before. Well, you have and haven't; the 1 Utility is, as PD puts it, a throwback to the "Legendary Military Chronograph" of the 1970s, the one and the same that countless US Air Force aviators have sworn by, among others.

Well, after over 40 years, PD decided to bring a new spin on this timeless classic, and in late 2023, the world witnessed its "Rebirth." Since it's also the official timepiece of the FAT event in Aspen, PD did the design one better in order to commemorate the race. We'll get to that shortly; first, we need to explore this timepiece as a whole.

Limited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph
Photo: Porsche Design
Back in the day, the Military chronograph was crafted using nothing other than stainless steel, and fast-forward to the present, and we're looking at nothing more than a titanium carbide case with a Ti backing, threaded crown, and water resistance up to 10 bar, so feel free to keep it on throughout countless activities.

Drop a slice of sapphire glass over the face, and we're looking at the body of PD's Automatic Kaliber WERK 01.240, running at 28,800 half oscillations per hour and pivoting on 25 jewels. Oh, and yes, this puppy comes COSC "Zertifiziert," the statement telling you this puppy beats to Swiss standards.

As for the all-important and statement-setting face of this timepiece, it's clearly been brought up to modern standards, but some classic cues still exist, making those who know the Military stop you and ask you, "Hey, youngin, your pops give you that?" "Look again, old-timer! This one's for the new generation, but doesn't forget where it all started." You're sure to make some new friends at this stage.

Limited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph
Photo: Porsche Design
Let's start with the 3H symbol. Since this mildly radioactive material is no longer used to help hands and indices glow, the 3H has been replaced with TiC, telling the world your wearable art is made with titanium carbide. For luminescence, Blue from Super-LumiNova is used.

Now, the "Military" has been replaced with "Utility," and the iconic tiger emblem has been reduced to a slightly less fearsome animal, but no less important to Porsche history, the "Screeching Mankei" or marmot (a burrowing critter similar to a groundhog). The one and the same paying tribute to the FAT Mankei grub-hub settled on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and spewing Porsche through every orifice of its being.

The same Mankei logo can also be spotted on the case back, along with some other very important information, part of which denotes how quickly you paid the $13K for this watch - each is numbered, and only 250 pieces will ever be produced - and that it's a certified chronograph, so go ahead, be the family's timekeeper.

Limited Edition 1 Utility Chronograph \(FAT Strap\)
Photo: Porsche Design
However, this section of the piece is only accessed by removing the strap, which, mind you, will probably smell like a new Porsche because it's completed from the same leather used in their vehicles. Be sure to check out how the strap perfectly preserves the back casing of this timepiece.

As for the event in Aspen and how this all ties into this chronograph, aside from the Mankei denoting the FAT implications in the event, an optional textile strap is also part of the mix. A badge then tells lovers of snow, ice, and this international event exactly where it all went down in 2024, geographical coordinates and all. The phrase "Sideways is Faster" can also be spotted on the strap, telling the world how you like to roll.

Last but not least, I want to point out something that may push you toward getting your hands on this precision instrument; it doesn't get any more collectible than this, folks. First off, it's a chronograph that pays homage to quite a bit of Porsche's history. Second, it's limited to only 250 pieces worldwide - that's important. But, above all, it's to be paired with the first time that FAT Ice Race makes it to the US. Buy it, never open it, and a few decades from now, flip it and send one of your grandkids to a racing school.
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