Jet Powered Go-Kart Will Have Your Health Insurance Facepalming

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It may not be a Thursday by the time you wind up reading this, but anyone who legitimately says throwbacks are reserved for one day a week is a killjoy. That's why we're taking a deep dive back to 2016 when one particularly insane jet-powered go-kart first caught the internet's attention.
Unfortunately, the original eBay listing and any information on the original seller are lost to history. But thanks to Engine Swap Depot, we have an archive that shows us exactly how the ludicrous creation looked. We can only assume you have some questions. Likely, "Who made this?", "Why?" and "How on Earth?". Let's answer those questions as thoroughly as we can.

Firstly, this isn't some man in a shed botch-job. It's the work of an American fabrication shop called Trans Turbine. Apart from their berzerk jet go-kart, their project resume contains a plethora of absurdly crazy builds. Ever think the average shopping cart is too slow? Trans Turbine has you covered. Their jet-turbine-powered shopping trolley will take care of that issue. Their DeLorean hovercraft is also very much worth mentioning.

And do think even for a second that this is some cheap imported go-kart kit with a jet-turbine haphazardly glued to the back. Everything is hand-fabricated by a team proven to do a quality job, and their portfolio of builds is the receipt to prove it. A Boeing 502-12 gas-turbine engine powers this comically dangerous machine from the same people who build the 767 Airliner, impressive credentials, for sure.

The Super Mario Kart-appearing wheels and tires make for something a life insurance policy would struggle to justify covering in the event of your untimely demise in this thing, so please, don't drive it like a lunatic. Not to speak ill of its construction, which is no Alibaba special, thankfully. Back in 2016, this kart was reported on sale for a handsome $10,000 before taxes and fees. We can only wonder if the medical bills one would accrue from an unfortunate bout of understeer would match that figure.
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