Jeremy Clarkson & James May Meet Up with David Cameron, Talk About Brexit

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The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, also known as Brexit, is the hottest subject on the political scene in the Old Continent. For people who are not familiar with David Cameron’s agenda, the prime minister of the United Kingdom is also the leading figure in the “In” campaign.
Besides that, Cameron is also the gentleman who decided to let the British public determine whether out of the EU is better or not for the UK in a referendum that will be held on June 23. It’s funny when you think that Cameron believes that it’s right to remain in the EU, yet he is the first prime minister of the United Kingdom to veto a treaty of the European Union.

The In/Out referendum, however, is much more important than a European treaty designed to preserve the euro. With the referendum, the PM puts his money where his mouth is. More to the point, Cameron and his government will come crashing down if the men and women of Britain want out.

This isn’t the only consequence (or benefit, depending on which side you’re on) we’ll see if Britain steps out. But this is autoevolution. Here, international politics are eyewash. However, something caught our eye. That something is a picture that popped in my Facebook newsfeed, an image featuring David Cameron and two gentlemen you might be acquainted with: Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

The post reads: “Chatting to Jeremy Clarkson and James May. We all agree Britain is stronger in - vote Remain on 23rd June.” Cameron isn’t BSing, you know. The former Top Gear head honcho, the chap with the wooly hair who shouts when he’s driving sideways, is known for its pro-EU view on the matter. Jeremy’s rallying call to remain in the EU strikes the chord of more people than David Cameron has supporters, if I’m honest.

“James [May] and I only agree on three things, which is that sandwich spread is delicious, that the old Subaru Legacy Outback was a good car that we should stay in Europe,” declared the former BBC asset. The Tory leader, on the other hand, made a blunder of the meet-up, mentioning something about Top Gear. Happily, however, the UK prime minister shrugged off the embarrassing moment like a pro. Still, the men and women who will vote on June 23 will have the last laugh, not David, not Jeremy, nor James.

Editor's note: Where is Richard Hammond? Is he in with the “Out” crowd or something?

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