Hitler, Old Hosts React to New Top Gear Show

Tonight on Top Gear, Evans tries to impersonate Jeremy Clarkson. An American tries to impersonate Clarkson. A German blonde tries to impersonate Clarkson!
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Did you just read that in Jeremy Clarkson's voice? You did, didn't you! See, it works even better than showing you a photo of Morgan Freeman.

Many people say the new show is so boring that they just turned it off, which is perfectly understandable. To be honest, this kind of reaction is normal, just like when somebody is named the new front-man of Queen - it just doesn't click.

All is fair in love and The Internet trolling, so we are, of course, going to make fun. Well, not us, but people with a superior sense of humor and video editing skills.

Down below, you will find a reaction from the old Top Gear team, consisting of Jeremy, Richard, and James. It's fake, but that won't stop us from having a huge giggle. May's laugh is the best sound ever; it genuinely sounds like he is choking on how bad New Top Gear is while simultaneously running out of air.

And now, we move on to the obligatory Hitler reaction to the new Top Gear. The movie Downfall (Der Untergang) wasn't a masterpiece of cinematography, but it provided the internet with a way to make fun of everything from the iPhone 6 to Donald Trump.

The Fuhrer calls, Chris Evans a "poor man's Clarkson" and the BBC "British Broadcasting Clowns". Apparently, the show is as bad as replacing Stalin with Gordon Brown or Mr fucking Bean. Actually, if you think about it, Gordon Ramsay would make a better dictator.

After his fit of rage, Adolf gets depressed and realizes Top Gear is over. He hopes, for the sake of the BBC, that The Grand Tour Amazon show isn't any good either, as this would be the final nail in the coffin.

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