Jeremy Clarkson and James May Do Q&A Sessions, Hilarity Ensues

Q&A sessions are fun and liberating, especially when the people you get to question are two presenters of The Grand Tour. Haven’t you heard about The Grand Tour? It’s the hottest car show of 2016, man!
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Hear me out for a second: The Grand Tour is coming to Amazon Prime this fall, starring none other than Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Life after Top Gear isn’t that bad for the three amigos, to be honest. Not only did they land a multi-million dollar deal with the electronic commerce and cloud computing company, but the lads have complete control over production. BBC what now?

Details about The Grand Tour are still scarce and rumors still roam free on the web. Then again, we’ve been offered valuable insights about it from none other than Jeremy Clarkson on two occasions (one and two). Today, Jeremy Clarkson and James May took to Facebook to answer more questions and curiosities about The Grand Tour and themselves. These said, let’s start with the answers given by the old orangutan:

Q: “I think you could have done better with the name.....”
A: “Said a man called Graham”

Q: “Underwhelming name.”
A: “And let's be honest, Jack Jenkins is hardly the best name in the world is it?”

Q: “Name is abit lame tbh”
A: “Dan. You're called Dan”

Q: “When you say grand, how opulent is it going to be?”
A: “Actually, you may be surprised”

Q: “Will there be a studio audience? And how can I be in it?”
A: “We are working on how tickets can be allocated”

Q: “Will you do an episode, showing you, building the tent?”
A: “Or we could drive some cars....”

Q: “What colour is the tent?”
A: “Green”

Q: “Is it a 3 man tent?”
A: “No. It's a 300 man tent. There will be space for an audience”

Q: “I thought you hated tents?!?!”
A: “This, as I keep saying, is a BIG tent. You can stand up and everything”

Q: “Since the first episode you filmed was in Portugal, would you consider coming here with your little green tent?”
A: “It's a big green tent”

Q: “Not about the tent, but will you test the new Alfa Romeo Giulia? (Please say you'll do)”
A: “On it”

Q: “We will find out where the tent will be ahead of time to watch the in studio portion live?”
A: “Yes”

Q: “Do you sleep in the tent?”
A: “No. We will be sleeping in very expensive hotels”

Q: “How many different countries will the tent be visiting?”
A: “We will probably do three in the UK. The rest? Who knows? We can go anywhere.”

Q: “When will the show air in the US?”
A: “It’s a global thing”

Q: “Are you all bringing the GT to the states?”
A: “I should think so”

Q: “Any chance of you guys visiting South Africa for filming?”
A: “Yes. Tomorrow”

Q: “Will you be filming in South Africa?”
A: “Well we do have an affinity with Johannesburg you know”

Q: “I suppose you won't be visiting Chile... Right?”
A: “I hope we will”

Q: “Which countries will you be filming in most of the time?”
A: “I’m waiting for suggestions.”

Q: “Will fans be able to come and watch it be filmed ?”
A: “Yes”

Q: “Is there a chance you might be coming to Germany?”
A: “A very very good chance”

Q: “Jezza, do you like my band? Also, will there be specials?”
A: “Yes. There will only be one special”

Q: “Has Cpt. Slow sped up a little with Amazon?”
A: “Sadly, no.”

Q: “How will you deal with past problems you may have caused in countries ? Cause some say you cause offence but all we know is.... , Bribery maybe ?”
A: “We only had a problem in Argentina. And we can solve that by not going back”

Q: “Do you like ANY Genesis songs in the Phil Collins era??”
A: “Phil Collins was there pretty much from the start. A phenomenal drummer”

And now, prepare yourselves for James May:

Q: “Grand Tour? Worst name in history”
A: “Not really. 'Hitler' would have been worse.”

Q: “when is the series comingout on prime ?”
A: “Octoberish. That’s not a German beer festival.”

Q: “Will you be coming to Scotland for your new show?”
A: “Maybe...”

Q: “The best car you have driven on your new series?”
A: “That’s a secret for now, sorry.”

Q: “are the fuel milages etc gonna be in Litres or Gallons?”
A: “I’m not sure they’re going to be in it at all.”

Q: “Really enjoyed The Reassembler - any more in the pipeline? Thanks!”
A: “Putting one together for the future.”

Q: “what is the best way to organise a toolbox mine is a complete mess. Also good luck with the grand tour”
A: “Just heave it all there.”

Q: “When have you feared for your life while driving most and in what car?”
A: “Nissan Micra. Thought someone might see me”

Q: “do you still have your fiat panda?”
A: “Yup.”

Q: “What's in your garage currently?”
A: “Do you want me to list everything?”

Q: “Will you be making any more components towards Gresley P2 no. 2007 Prince of Wales?”
A: “Yes. The slacking cock flange.”

Q: “What is your favourite steam locomotive and why?”
A: “James the Red Engine.”

Q: “Chocolate or vanilla icecream?”
A: “Vanilla”

Q: “Why are you so slow?!?”
A: “Sorry, missed that.”

Q: “favorite shape?”
A: “Parallelogram, but I can't spell it.”

Q: “what is your favourite car ?”
A: “Fezza”

Q: “bored?”
A: “I wasn’t. What are you offering?”

Q: “you r cool, why?”
A: “I think it’s my casual brilliance.”

Q: “Is Clarksonius still morron ?”
A: “Yup.”

Q: “How old were you when you were 30 years old ??”
A: “12”

Q: “Should I buy Dacia Duster?”
A: “You haven’t already?”

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