Jay Leno Drives His McLaren P1 to Lunch at a Local Chick-Fil-A

Jay Leno having his lunch at a local fast food next to his parked McLaren P1 5 photos
Jay Leno Drives His McLaren P1 to LunchJay Leno Drives His McLaren P1 to LunchJay Leno Drives His McLaren P1 to LunchJay Leno Drives His McLaren P1 to Lunch
The American television celebrity/comedian Jay Leno doesn’t seem to mind people staring at him munching his lunch nor at his hypercar McLaren P1 while it's being parked outside. Being the owner of the first model to be shipped in U.S. he was recently photographed after he stoped at a local fast food restaurant eating his meal.
Jay Leno is one of those people driving only the best cars in this world. And when he's not getting his hands on the limited classics while filming the Jay Leno’s Garage series, this car collector just freely enjoys his newest rides.

Leno was the first person in U.S. to buy the new breath-taking mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine McLaren P1, so of course he took for a drive in his show. The car was delivered in a bit sooner so the television star had enough time to get a real feel of it. In fact, Leno enjoyed driving the car so much that he ran for almost 1,000 miles (1,600 km) in the first five days since the car was delivered to him.

So now seeing the celebrity in his super car kind of comes natural to us. According to the Reddit user who photographed Leno, he parked his McLaren P1 very close to another car, a BMW. He stopped for a brief lunch at a local Chich-fil-A fast food restaurant from Atlanta.

Like most of the people that talk to the television star, the photographer said Jay Leno was not acting like a celebrity, being relaxed while talking with him about the car: “I spoke with him briefly about his car and he seemed like a genuinely nice person. Not trying to show off, just loves his cars.”
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