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Hand-Crafted McLaren P1 Scale Model Costs $6,200

In case you couldn't put your name on the list for one of the 375 McLaren P1 hypercars that are ever going to be produced, there's still one way to own the Woking wonder. If you really want to have the supercar close to your heart you can at least buy the model version.
The McLaren P1 Supercar Model 1 photo
When you make one of the best cars in the world based on Formula One technology, you probably have to make some units in supercar models too. Of course McLaren P1 is one of those models.

For those interested in buying one, McLaren store is now selling an accurately detailed model of the ultimate expression of McLaren’s engineering expertise. We are sure you remember the crazy yellow plug-in hybrid.

How would anyone forget that mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine along with that electric motor that give a combined output of 916 PS (903 bhp)? Even television celebrity/comedian Jay Leno, the owner of the first P1 in US, said he thinks the car is one of the best he has ever driven.

Now, back to the model. It’s handmade and based on the original data from McLaren Automotive. According to its creators, the components are cast in prototyping resin and the doors can be fully opened. The 60 cm long model is mounted on a carbon fibre base plate with a clear acrylic dust cover.

So, if you have £3,875 (€4,299 / $6,199) and you want to get the little P1 you'd better hurry up, they only made 199 pieces and they're selling fast.


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