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Japanese Lawyer Daily Drives a McLaren P1, It Literally Keeps Him Awake at Night

Here's a bit of a riddle for you: how should you build your life in such a way that your daily routine involves driving a McLaren P1, but without working for the British automaker?
Japanese Lawyer Daily Drives a McLaren P1 1 photo
Go Hiramatsu, the Japanese lawyer in the piece of footage below, which comes from Woking itself, bring us the answer and it all has to do with daily driving your hybrid Mac to work.

And while the man talks about the part of the daily commute that tickles his aficionado bone, the adventure obviously also involves having to deal with the not-exactly-light Tokyo traffic, as he lives in the Japanese capital city.

In theory, any lawyer should be an extremely good listener and it seems this guy fits the profile - he doesn't miss the opportunity to explain how thrilling the gas-electric soundtrack of the P1 is. Given the fact that he also happens to own another Mclaren, namely a 650S, he should know a thing or two about McLaren voices.

As you'll notice in the clip below, this guy likes to mix a tailor-made suit with a racing helmet, so his halo car is no stranger to places such as the Fuji Speedway or the Hakone Turnpike (drifting memories, anybody?).

In fact, he explains how reaching what many label as Japan's Nurburgring, requires certain traffic strategies, sometimes involving reaching the mountain road at 4 AM - hence the last part of the title above.

When it comes to the hue adorning the P1, this is, aparently, as British as possible. While we're obviously not dealing with a British Racing Green take, the driver explains how he chose the shade after visiting the Woking factory and being impressed with the country's green areas. This obviously also boosts the machine's green credentials - the owner explains he uses the P1's electric mode on a daily basis.

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