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Wildbody McLaren P1 Rendered, Ready to One-Up the P1 LM

Nowadays, the best way to keep your clientele on their toes while milking the high-velocity cash cow is to build the racing incarnation of a supercar/hypercar and then come up with a road-legal incarnation of the track-confined machine.
Wildbody McLaren P1 Rendered 1 photo
For 2015 and 2016, McLaren leads the way on this front. As if the P1 and the P1 GTR racecar weren't enough, Lanzante Motorsport, which has a rich Le Mans tradition with McLaren, came up with the street-legal P1 GTR.

Woking topped that by using the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed to introduce the P1 LM, with the British carmaker explaining this is the final form of its gas-electric hypercar.

The British engineers have done amazing efforts, with the LM delivering a whopping 40 percent downforce boost compared to the already-many P1 GTR. As a result, the LM managed to se a new stree-legal car record for the infamous Hillclimb.

However, the 2016 edition of the British event was won by a time attack incarnation of a Subaru WRX STI. So, what does this prove? That while the P1 LM is undoubtedly a stunning piece of kit, the marketing components is just as important as the tech one.

In this respect, we wouldn't be too surprised if a wealthy P1 owner out there would be unsatisfied with the Goodwood episode and wanted to take the matter into his own hands by commissioning a P1 one-off that would raise the performance bar even higher.

The idea can be pixel-summarized in the form of the rendering above. Coming from digital artist Jonsibal, the image shows a "standard" P1 with a widebody kit and fitting wheels. All such a car would need on top of what can be seen here is a hefty wing upgrade.

However, given the sheer visual aggression of this Mac and since the world is hungry for fresh superlative these days, we've decided to introduce the wildbody tag. We hope to return with new development for it soon, be they real or virtual.


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