Jaguar Releases a Manual for... the Manual Gearbox: How to Drive a Stick

If you happen to walk down the street and see a pair of guys dressed in British Racing Green, who ask you “Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord, the manual gearbox?” don’t be worried. You’re probably dealing with Jaguar employees trying to preach... the stick shift.
Jaguar F-Type meme 1 photo
Now that the F-Type has received a manual, people over at the big cat want to make sure US drivers are up to (six-)speed with everything, so they’ve launched some sort of an user’s manual for the manual gearbox.

You can find this in the form of the attached PDF below and the thing is pure gold. Why? If you’ve never driven a stick before, this actually provides a 100 percent complete lesson. From starting through parking, to the various shift techniques, Jag has it all laid out for you. Of course, don’t expect to find any heel and toe instructions here.

What this means is that you won’t need that annoying buddy who kept screaming at you while trying to teach you how to drive a three-pedal car.
Even if you are familiar with the ways of the clutch, Jaguar’s manual is still a must-read
Seeing how they thought of everything will struck that petrolhead chord inside of you. At least that’s the effect it’s had on us.

In fact, Jaguar even has a message for the later category of drivers - “If you’ve long been an adherent of manual transmissions, please pass this booklet on to a friend who has not. Consider that your good day deed for the day.”

The effort is nicely wrapped in the #LongLiveTheManual hashtag. Sadly, the power of this good ole toy is diminishing, as the horsepower war in all the segments of the industry is pushing our performance cars to outputs that simply aren’t feasible for manuals. Still, as long as there’s petrol around, we’ll always have cars suitable for a clutch.

PS: as Jag has previously taught us, don’t forget to F the meeting!

 Download: How to Drive a Stick (PDF)


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