Here's a Ferrari California with a Manual, One of Only Two Built

Now that Ferrari is going public, we want to talk about one of the Prancing Horse things that didn’t spread quite so much, namely the manual gearbox California. Only two of these were ever made, one of which went to the UK and we’ve got a pic of the right-hand drive model to show you.
Ferrari California with a manual 1 photo
A six-speed manual transmission was offered as an option on the California. While the three-pedal arrangement this was initially expected to convince between five and ten percent of the customers, only two people actually ordered a manual Cali, which determined Maranello to remove the option for 2013.
The manual Ferrari California is actually pretty important
As always in such cases, when an option is really unpopular, the very few cars that will end up seriously boosting their value over time. Not only did Ferrari build just two examples of this, but the manual California also meant the last chance to get a clutch on a Prancing Horse. As you can imagine, the new Califonia T doesn’t even want to hear about such matters.

While the naturally-aspirated California isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, even when fitted with the 7-speed dual-clutch, enthusiasts will most certainly battle for the chance to row gears in one. The fact that manual transmissions are getting phased out altogether only makes thins even better for the pair of Calis we’re talking about. The sheer thought of being able to play with Ferrari’s iconic exposed metal gate H-patern shifter will be enough to make these auction stars.

In fact, some people may already be keeping an eye on these six-speed Californias. For intance, the adjacent photo comes from Foskers, the UK’s oldest independent Ferrari dealer. These guys have been handling Prancing Horses since 1968, so, if that manual gets sold, they may be willing to have a... hand in that.


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