Jaguar E-Pace Does Luxury Better Than Volvo XC40, Has More Charging Ports Too

Jaguar E-Pace Does Luxury and Charing Ports Better Than Volvo XC40, Review Says 3 photos
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Jaguar E-Pace Does Luxury and Charing Ports Better Than Volvo XC40, Review Says
Older comparison reviews featuring the Volvo XC40 and the Jaguar E-Pace found Sweden to be the winner. But this one draws attention to an interesting fact: British automakers give you a better luxury experience.
There's no question that the XC40 is better engineered. The E-Pace is based on the Evoque platform, which makes it surprisingly heavy for a car this size at almost two tons. However, we can't ignore the fact that SUV buyers in this premium part of the market are looking for something special.

Some of them don't care about what's on the specs sheets, but the interior of the E-Pace could blow them away. The XC40 is the only Volvo SUV where it's clear that price was taken into consideration. There are more hard plastics dotted around the place.

That's why we need these back-to-back reviews. Otherwise, the visual impact of the fantastic Jaguar leather would be lost. However, we don't agree with what the South Africans are saying about the infotainment: nothing Jaguar makes is that amazing.

Although you might not be looking for this, sportiness is something else the E-Pace does better, thanks to unnecessarily stiff suspension. This tester is fitted with a special engine too, the D240 twin-turbo diesel with 240 HP and a massive 500 Nm. It makes the XC40 D4 look slightly agricultural.

Oddly, even though Jaguar claims to have a bigger trunk, it's smaller. But how about those triple USB charging ports in the back of the E-Pace. You don't see that every day!

The conclusion of the review is a good one. If you want the SUV to run around town all day and have your kids spilling stuff all over, it's got to be Volvo's 40 model. But if you're after a special experience in a small SUV, there's nothing quite like the Jaguar E-Pace.

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