Italian Luxury Awaits: Wider 210 Hybrid Superyacht Is Up for Grabs for $59 Million

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There are countless designers and groups cranking out countless superyacht dreams and ideas. Sadly, most never make it into a real toy and simply die tucked away in some drawer or on a hard drive. However, this is not the case with the Wider 210 superyacht concept we'll be exploring today; this 210-foot marvel is up for grabs for roughly $59 million.
That's right, people, this 3D dream dubbed the Wider 210 is nothing more than the hottest thing to hit international waters. However, it's set to do so in 2026, so you have time to raise an empire and smash the bubbly against the hull. Oh, and it's not just another yacht; this puppy is chock-full of tech. After all, Wider is an Italian crew born in 2010 that's made a name for itself because of the tech they bring to the boating and yachting scene. They handle just about everything ranging from AI to battery installations and management systems.

Wait a minute, batteries? Yes, batteries, because Wider is also known for designing and building hybrid yachts, and I'm not talking tenders and dayboats either; full-on superyachts. Heck, the Wider 165 (MY Cecilia) is already floating around somewhere in the world, employing some of the same tech we'll see in the 210. I've added a few images of the 165 to the gallery too. It should help guide our imagination toward the eventual 210. Let's dive in, shall we?

Now, I got word of the 210 from the folks brokering its sale, Northrop & Johnson. Oh, and in case you missed just how much is selling for, again, roughly $59 million (€55 million). Sure, it's more cash than I can imagine, but according to Wider, there are countless ways in which the 210 will entice even the most penny-pinching of oil tycoons.

For example, I mentioned Wider specializes in hybrid drive, and that magic is present in the 210. What this means for eventual owners is a quieter vessel that can even function for up to ten hours at cruising speed, all thanks to something called ZEM mode. Judging by the builder's website, this is a feature available to all Wider vessels, but the 210 can achieve up to 15 hours of zero-emission functionality as opposed to ten.

Wider 210 Beach Club
Photo: Wider
A quick breakdown reveals that batteries, a management system, the AI I mentioned earlier, and generators work together with engines to produce as little pollution as possible. But the real golden ticket here is a higher level of comfort. Why? According to Wider, they separate the engines from the propulsion system and eliminate any mechanical components in the process. The result is reduced vibrations, more space (which allows for more design options), and less noise.

Hybrid and technological advancements aside, there's a reason we all marvel at these gigantic statements of luxury and social standing: to dream a little. Or at least, that's my case. So, without further ado, let's start with some of the toys and pleasures you can indulge in while cruising the world. Even if it's just a daydream, try and really get into the flow. Get it, flow? Water, and the whole motion of the ocean bit?

According to Northrop & Johnson, the 210's interior and even some of the exterior are all aimed at maximizing two-legged creature comforts. For example, one of the first spaces you'll encounter is the beach deck, and once you get there, all 14 guests will be able to gather around and chit-chat until the festivities begin. All the while, 17 crew members are at your beck and call.

Once the owner is ready - maybe it's you - the real party can begin. You all head to the main deck, where the main saloon is found, and take a seat at the table for the evening's meal. The neat thing about this area is that it's designed to blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces, will three of the four walls formed of sliding glass portions. Dinner with a sea breeze should work wonders on your complexion. After dinner, sit on any of the couches in the adjacent lounge, catch a flick in the cinema, or head back down to the spa.

Wider 165 \(MY Cecilia\)
Photo: Wider
As for tired guests, staterooms, VIP cabins, and a master suite are available. The owner's suite is located on the upper level of the ship. Yes, an entire deck is dedicated to those that blew the college fund of the following five generations of family members. Just think about that for a second, a whole deck to yourself. What a sight it must be to wake up on top of your own mini world.

The next day, on the other hand, the real fun starts. You wake up and decide to get the blood moving in an infinity pool, hit the gym for a bit, and then grab breakfast back on the main deck. As you enjoy your meal, you start to hear the sounds of a helicopter approaching the ship. Chewing, you watch the magic unfurl and wonder who has arrived. It's Jack and Susan. The helipad is only good for touch-and-go use, so it's soon back to the sounds of water splashing around the 210 and laughter. Maybe some little islands are found and in need of exploration. For that, there are two tenders and a couple of jet skis. The rest is up to you and your bank account.

While it may seem rather light on the toy factor, the Wider 210 is a ship that is yet to find its owner. This means that aspects of its final design are open to discussion, typically shaped by money and the owner's dreams. If you dream of being the eventual owner, you can mess with the number of rooms and amenities on board, but Wider also lets you customize your drivetrain capabilities. Sounds like the superyacht industry is going even greener and offering an even more tailored experience in the process. How are you investing in your happiness?
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also showcase the Wider 165 (MY Cecilia).

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