It May Take a While but You Will Get Drunk on Teslaquila, Elon Musk Promises

Since Level 5 autonomy is basically around the corner, at least according to Elon Musk, where’s the harm in bringing cars and booze together?
Teslaquila was no prank, Tesla will actually sell branded tequila 3 photos
Tesla is selling short shorts after Elon Musk's joke on company's Q2 profit figuresTesla is selling short shorts after Elon Musk's joke on company's Q2 profit figures
Back in 2018, Elon Musk surprised the world when he said he was thinking of launching Teslaquila, meaning Tesla-branded tequila that would be 100 percent puro di agave. To back up the story, he even showed Tesla supporters a bottle of the purported Teslaquila.

Because Musk loves pulling pranks and given that this came out on April Fools’, it was widely assumed that he was merely having a laugh at the world, while also gauging potential interest in more diversified Tesla merchandise.

The same was said about Musk’s apparent joke about Tesla selling short shorts in red satin with gold stitching, and guess what happened? Indeed, this month, Tesla came out with branded short shorts, which sold out despite the fact that they were ridiculously priced at $69.420, which was a joke in and of itself. Following a recent Teslerati piece about how Teslaquila would be next, Musk confirms that the tequila is really, truly coming, though he doesn’t name a date.

According to the report, Tesla filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2019 for a Tesla-branded tequila. The application was denied, on the grounds that “Teslaquila” came too close to “Spirit Tesla,” another alcoholic beverage made by Serbian brewing firm Valjevsko. Tesla tried to argue that the two were different, but without success.

The route to mass production for the Tesla short shorts was also a long and tedious one, and it looks like Teslaquila suffers from the same fate. But it’s coming, without a doubt. Or, as Musk proclaims on social media, “our battle with Big Tequila! It’s real.”

By the time Teslaquila comes out, Level 5 autonomy in Tesla cars could have been achieved. And then, what’s to stop you from drinking at the wheel, since the car will be driving itself?


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