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Indian FTR S Blackhawk Stays True to Its Lesser Self, Still $10K More Expensive Than Stock

Bike maker Indian makes no secret of the fact that the FTR is a line of two-wheeled beasts made to be enjoyed not as stock, but customized and personalized to the teeth. There are, of course, two ways a customer can do that: either go for the factory-supplied aftermarket bits and choose their own style or talk to a specialized shop the likes of Hollister’s Motorcycles for the truly unique touch.
Indian FTR S Blackhawk 8 photos
Indian FTR S BlackhawkIndian FTR S BlackhawkIndian FTR S BlackhawkIndian FTR S BlackhawkIndian FTR S BlackhawkIndian FTR S BlackhawkIndian FTR S Blackhawk
Coming out of Germany, Hollister’s is one of those few shops that do not try their hand at remaking Harleys and one of the even fewer to still offer some customization options for Victory motorcycles. But it’s an Indian we’re here to talk about today, and the FTR S baptized after the transformation Blackhawk.

For this project, the shop chose to use mostly Indian-supplied parts, and the most important bits on that list are the swingarm, risers, fuel tank, headlight, and seat. Those are matched independently-made bits like the KessTech mufflers over the exhaust, Brembo braking hardware, and custom fenders over the 17-inch wheels front and rear.

The element that gives the lowered bike (the suspension was dropped by 3 cm/1.1 inches) its name is of course the custom paint job, made up of black all around and accented by gold hues on the wheels, fuel tank, and elsewhere.

Now, you can go out and buy a stock FTR S for as little as $14,999, which isn’t all that much for a two-wheeler of this caliber.

But you know how the industry is, so if you want to add some extras on top of that, expect the price to rapidly go way up. In the case of the Blackhawk, the price would be more than $10k higher, as you’ll have to take out of the bank account over $26,100 (24,990 euros) to get one.


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