Inconspicuous Lexus GS F Mule Spotted in Arizona

Lexus GS F mule spotted 7 photos
Photo: I8ABMR
Lexus GS F mule spottedLexus GS F mule spottedLexus GS F mule spottedLexus GS F mule spottedLexus GS F mule spottedLexus GS F mule spotted
We know for sure that Lexus won’t limit itself to only two F cars in its lineup (i.e. the IS F and RC F) if chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi didn’t lied at the beginning of this year. And it looks like the GS will be the next car to wear the F badge.
More and more and more dubious looking Lexus GS models are being spotted, hinting that there won’t be long until the performance sleeper sedan will join the F marque.

It all started with a GS F Sport that has been spotted in a garage near the Nurburgring and on the track itself. It was fitted with larger rims and brakes, some new body panel trimmings and the F slanted exhausts.

The exact same car has been once again spotted on the roads of Germany in traffic, wearing the same LB-06286 red number plate and covered badges, hinting that the test phase is still undergoing.

However, while in Europe they cover the badges but don’t mind showing off the extra bits, in the US, the testing team appears to be more inconspicuous. At least they try to...

Club Lexus user I8ABMR was casually leaving the office in his IS F when suddenly his eyes encountered something that wasn’t fitting quite well in the regular traffic - a black Lexus GS F Sport with some extras.

While for an untrained eye this might have been passed unnoticed, the spotter observed that the GS was wearing the same large multispoke rims the supposedly GS F mule in Germany was riding on. Larger brakes were fitted too and it was riding much lower than the standard version, a dead giveaway it was something more special than an F Sport version.

The guy managed to pull up next to the strange GS and, because its windows were down, asked the driver if it was the F version. To his surprise, the GS driver nodded and approved his supposition while also giving him a big thumbs-up for driving an IS F.

But then he realized the IS driver really knows what he was talking about, so when the spotter tried to snap some more photos of the GS, he “started backing off big time”.

As you will see in the photos bellow, the GS wasn’t wearing other performance aero parts like the one in Germany, but judging on its driver’s reaction, we believe this might be the F’s mule. Also, the spotter said it wasn’t sounding like the normal V6, but more like a V8.
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