Man Sets His Bike Ablaze After Revving the Engine to a Red-Hot Exhaust

Some say that the size of the universe is impossible to fathom, and the debate whether it is infinite or not is a long way from finding credible answers. Still, there is one thing about which pretty much everybody says it’s certainly infinite, from modern scientists to ancient philosophers. And that thing is human stupidity.
Setting fire to the bike, the stupid way 1 photo
Now, I guess there is not a single motorcycle rally that takes place without at least one guy to wreck his or her bike in a very dumb way. Personally, I've seen engines blowing from being revved way too high for way too long, engines and clutches destroyed after being abused off-road, bikes mauled in crashes after being ridden by drunk people, and whatnot.

Honestly, I never witnessed first-hand a bike catching on fire the way the one in this video did, but that's most likely because I reduced the number of events I was attending.

Anyway, here's a chap that loves the orange-red glow of a bike's exhaust system in the night. Frankly, the sight is not at all a bad one, I'll have to give him that. However, knowing what else comes with this glow, I'd advise anyone who has future plans with that bike to be very careful, if such feats can't be avoided altogether.

While heating up the exhaust until it starts glowing doesn't deal critical damage to the collectors and silencer (if then left to cool down slowly), the heat generated by the collectors can melt parts.

One should consider the fact that, when in motion, heat is deflected from the bike by the stream of air. Plus, it's hard to believe that a bike's collectors would become THAT hot even when ridden on a 500-mile straight at top speed, simply because air cooling would prevent this.

Now, when the bike rests on the kickstand, things are way different, and heat will radiate to the surrounding parts, with most of it going upwards because hot air is less dense and therefore lighter than cold air.

This means heat builds up above the collectors more than anywhere else, so the parts located in that region are prone to failure and fire. Which, you've guessed it, is exactly what happens in this video. Cue all the heated rubber and plastic parts, some fuel spat on the bike and prepare to buy a new one. Be smart, don't be like this guy!


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