This Is the Shortest and Silliest Police Pursuit Ever

Hero to zero in seven seconds 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
We've all met the "no-license-plate heroes" and here's yet another one. We also know that this type of motorcyclists take big pride in evading the police and then bragging among their peers about their guts and skills. Most of the time riding sport bikes, they'll try their hand at this illusory "zero to hero" thing, and many of them would actually lose the cops. Not this time, though.
In this particular case, the road from zero to hero was, in a way, reversed, as the road of this would-be hero back to zero was much shorter than even our wildest expectations. All in all, it took this "brave" rider just a little over seven seconds to accumulate several charges, crash, get caught, and now, with the police releasing the video, become thoroughly embarrassed.

The cops inside the cruiser notice that the rider was not displaying a license plate and start the siren, but the effect on the biker was different from what they expected. Instead of pulling over, the chap has the funny idea of taking off, relying on the power and acceleration of his bike to lose the cops.

Tough luck, as his riding skills turn out to be nowhere near his expectations, and he crashes utterly silly at the first corner, only yards away from where this pursuit started. In fact, he doesn't even make it to well past the intersection, proving to be a lousy rider and a pathetic criminal, too.

Now, besides the trouble caused by the missing plate, he will have to deal with failure to obey police orders to stop and attempt to evade the police. Definitely not the glorious day he thought it would be, yet an excellent example that being a "two-wheeled renegade" takes more than watching YouTube videos and owning a sport bike.

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