How to Murder a Kawasaki Ninja

It took me a while to find the best comparison for this uncanny, unjust and abhorrent construction that sits atop of this Ninja. Frankly, the closest thing that comes to mind is wearing blue socks and brown sandals for a stroll in the city, but it's hard to tell which of the two is more appalling.
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The saddest thing is that nobody can certify this is not a Photoshop job or a joke, and this leaves room to suspect that such an add-on may exist in real life. Which is disheartening, to say the least.

It's truly painful to think that someone actually spent time designing this rain cover for the Kawasaki Ninja, and others wasted time and financial resources to bring this design to fruition in the shape of an actual product.

If you want, this is the perfect proof that God does not exist, as one of my riding buddies uses to say when he stumbles upon things that defy common sense to such a degree.

One aspect keeps alive my hopes that this is a fake, but I might be wrong. The front section of this uncanny cover replaces the stock bubble of the Ninja, but the clear window appears to be way too high to offer decent visibility.

Some might argue and say that, given the fact that the rider no longer has to deal with the wind, he or she could keep their head high. Well, while this is true, it is also a bit unfeasible, because the clip-ons are still there and they command a sporty riding position that is slightly bent forward. If anything, riding this and having good sight ahead for too long may be a bit self-exclusive, because of the excessive arm strain.

Please someone tell us that this is only a fake meant to push Ninja fans into hysterical rants...
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