Wool Caps Are Not as Good as Helmets When You Crash Your ATV

Every time I watch a video like the one after the jump, the same questions pop in my mind. Why do people believe that ATVs are so much safer than motorcycles, and why so many quad riders refuse to wear a helmet?
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Of course, one of the things that offer this false sense of safety is the presence of the four wheels. The fact that a quad doesn't need to be balanced to remain upright must make these fellows believe that it will stay this way no matter what.

Funny thing, it sounds like the four wheels are all they need to forget about other key aspects that "come with the job," such as the significantly higher center of gravity, a thing that truly spoils all the fun.

Skilled riders use this major difference between bikes and ATVs to their advantage after having learned the secrets of the quads, but comparing these fellows to the occasional neighborhood heroes makes no point.

If you ask me, watching a guy riding an ATV without a helmet is already a good indicator that he's not exactly as cool a rider as he might think he is. Of all the people I've met, the most skilled ones were also the ones that took care as best as they could of their own well-being and safety.

Now, watching this fellow and his funny wool cap in the middle of the street, I could almost swear that he was going to get it badly. Seeing him fall and hitting his head against the asphalt could, indeed, have yielded a gory result, as it doesn't take a huge impact to crack a human skull.

I was also relieved to see that the tumbling quad missed him and that the chap reacted, instead of just lying there unconscious or worse. Hopefully, he learned his lesson, albeit the hard way.

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