Hyzon Takes the Next Step for Heavy-Duty Hydrogen-Powered Trucks Development

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If we’re talking about range, liquid hydrogen seems to be a better option than hydrogen gas, so companies that can help with developing fueling infrastructure based on this type of hydrogen are becoming more and more important. RenewH2 is one of them, and Hyzon just partnered up with it, in order to provide the best fuel supply for Hyzon’s customers.
One of the factors that will enable broad-scale hydrogen adoption is developing the proper liquid hydrogen infrastructure. Thanks to its density, liquid hydrogen can double the range that 700 bar gaseous hydrogen is able to provide. In fact, Hyzon is already working on record-braking 1,000-mile heavy-duty trucks, and that’s possible due to liquid hydrogen.

An extended range also brings secondary benefits, besides the main ones that are particularly important for cargo transportation over long distances. A longer range means fewer stops for refueling, and fewer fueling stations.

All of this adds up to reduced infrastructure and operation costs, compared to gaseous hydrogen, which requires compression and refrigeration equipment. Another advantage is that, by weighing less than the gaseous type, liquid hydrogen takes up less volume, increasing the trucks’ payload capacity.

RenewH2 has the advantage of employing the largest source of biogenic methane in the state of Wyoming. The biogenic methane gas is then used to generate hydrogen, which would then be liquefied. For the transportation phase, Hyzon and RenewH2 will collaborate to develop the fueling stations, and a fleet of Class-8 Hyzon trucks would be used to deliver the liquid hydrogen. This way, the fueling stations will be located in strategic areas, in proximity to Hyzon’s customers, in order to provide constant fuel supply, in a time and cost-effective manner.

Wyoming-based RenewH2 will start producing hydrogen in its facility by 2023, using steam methane reformer units that will eventually get to a 300 tons per day capacity. The company will produce and store the liquid hydrogen, which will then be transported with the help of Hyzon trucks.
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