Hyundai Unveils SEVEN Concept, Targeting Over 300 Miles of All-Electric Range

Hyundai is using the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show as a medium to reveal the SEVEN Concept, a fully electric sports utility vehicle meant to preview a future IONIQ 7 model.
Hyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los Angeles 7 photos
Hyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los AngelesHyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los AngelesHyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los AngelesHyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los AngelesHyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los AngelesHyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los Angeles
Built using the carmaker’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the SEVEN comes with a long wheelbase and flat platform floor to go with an aerodynamic silhouette. Most SUVs don’t have such low hoods, streamlined rooflines, or elongated wheelbases. The concept even features integrated Active Air Flaps, which deploy or detract depending on brake-cooling or low-drag requirements.

Other exterior design highlights include the signature Parametric Pixel lights featuring a Welcome Light Sequence upon start-up. The design is both digital and analog in terms of its effect.

Moving on to the interior, the 3.2-meter-long (10.5 ft) wheelbase allows for a more fluid layout. The driver’s seat, for example, comes with a retractable control stick, while the ultra-slim cockpit and integrated screens make for a lounge-like experience. Speaking of which, the swiveling lounge chairs and curved bench-seat can be customized depending on the driving mode (driver-controlled or autonomous).

Another interesting nugget of technology is the Universal Island console, featuring a multi-functional Smart Hub graphic user interface. You even get a built-in mini-fridge and shoe-care compartments. Then there’s the roof, embedded with a panoramic screen that can display various content based on passengers’ tastes.

Hyundai SEVEN Concept unveiled in Los Angeles
“The SEVEN concept demonstrates Hyundai’s creative vision and advanced technological development for our electrified mobility future,” said Hyundai Motor North America president and CEO, Jose Munoz. “Its innovative interior space, eco-friendly powertrain and cutting-edge safety and convenience technologies reveal an exciting future for Hyundai SUV customers.”

Keep in mind, this isn’t a production vehicle, and the IONIQ 7 will likely be a little more grounded.

As for performance, the SEVEN is said to be capable of charging from 10% to 80% in about 20 minutes using a 350-kW charger. On the go, users should be able to achieve a target range of over 300 miles (482 km), which is pretty good – if these are production numbers, we doubt anyone would complain, especially if the vehicle is priced competitively.

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