How to Quickly Unlock Your Tesla Model S From The Inside

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
With all the hype around Elon Musk's press conference from two weeks ago where Tesla Motors vowed to kill range anxiety with the release of a new update, some changes in the ongoing 6.1 (2.2.200) version have slipped unnoticed.
Lucky for us, YouTube use KmanAuto was on duty and posted a video showing two small tweaks made by Tesla Motors which are likely to make life easier for Model S owners until the heavy-artillery 6.2 version comes out and erases range anxiety.

So, let's forget about that for a second and see how you can unlock the door handles of a Tesla Model S from the inside in order to allow a passenger to enter the cabin. Did we touch a soft sport there, dear Model S owners? Well, of course we did.

Until Tesla decided to simplify things, unlocking the door handles from the driver's seat so that someone from the outside could come was translated into several taps on the car's touchscreen before the magic happened. Now, anyone inside the Model S can make the self-retracting door handles pop up by pushing down the 'P' button located on the driving stalk and voila, easy as pie.

According to the video, the web browser used by the Tesla Model S is also performing better than before. In other words, scrolling up or down is done in a less choppier and jerkier manner both in full screen and half screen mode.

Now, show us what you got in terms of range anxiety annihilation, Elon!

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