How Many NFL Teams Have the Same Name as a Car?

With only three days left before the kickoff of the 53rd Super Bowl, the Internet has a question to ask: have you ever wondered how many NFL teams share their names with various car models, either in full or partially?
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To be honest, that's something we never wondered about, but now that we stumbled upon this question, we can't but think this is something that should have crossed our minds. It didn’t.

Lucky for us, we have the guys over at Spork Marketing doing all the heavy lifting. After teaching us how to stuff a Volkswagen Tiguan for Thanksgiving and pitting Santa’s sleigh against a 2019 Ford Raptor, Spork found enough time and resources to answer this previously unasked question as well.

By Spork’s calculations, made with the help of car parts maker All-Fit Automotive, of the 32 teams now competing in the NFL, at least half can be to some degree or another matched with a motor vehicle.

This list of namesakes starts with the heavyweights of the NFL, the ones whose names sound so much like a car they’re hard to miss: the Denver Broncos, LA Chargers, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams (one of the teams taking part in Super Bowl LIII) or Atlanta Falcons.

Others, like the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets or Cleveland Browns are far less obvious, and you can check their connection to a car at the following link.

“This research was fun,” said in a statement A.J. Dudon, All-Fit Automotive CEO. “Some of the cars I’d never heard of before. Once we found a vehicle, we tried to place a star quarterback or popular coach behind the wheel. Some of those worked out and some vehicles just had something in common with the teams.”

Try as we might, we couldn't find a car to match the name of the other team taking part in the Super Bowl, New England Patriots. We dare you to find one.

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