Honda Civic Coupe Receives the One Direction Visual Treatment, Looks Chaotic to Us

This unique Honda Civic is for the music lovers out there, but by "the music" we don't necessarily mean quality tunes - unless you're 16, but that's another story.
Honda Civic One Direction 1 photo
In case you're not familiar with what One Direction does for a living, we'll clear the air for you: they sing. However, we didn't expect them to possess tuning superpowers and unfortunately for this Honda Civic Coupé, our expectations turned out to be right.

Simply put, Honda plans to give away a brand-new 2015 Civic Coupé personalized by One Direction. We won't judge them on their singing because autoevolution is about cars. Therefore, allow us call their creation an uninspired piece of tuning.

So, where do we start with this? The Civic will take the boy band through 17 cities across the U.S. including San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Seattle.

Since we know its purpose in life, let's see what makes is awkwardly different from a regular Civic. The base exterior color is black, but that wasn't enough, so they added bright bursts of yellow, teal and purple on the bumpers, handles and mirrors. And by the way, that's the band's idea of "a colorful ode to summer days".

However, that wasn't enough. Since this is a one-off special edition Honda Civic, each member of the group left his autograph on the car, along with more "playful white drawings" that make the unfortunate car look like a wet clown, whose face paint is wearing off.

Luckily, Honda has only released a picture of the One Direction-ized Civic, the one you can see above.

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