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Google Releases App Update That Could Fix Critical Android Auto Bug

One of the most widespread issues in Android Auto right now concerns the broken voice commands, as drivers can no longer use this input method to perform things like setting a new destination in the navigation app or playing music in Spotify hands-free.
New Google app version 6 photos
The latest version of the Google appThe latest version of the Google appThe latest version of the Google appThe latest version of the Google appThe latest version of the Google app
The issue was first discovered in January this year, and it appears to affect both Android 9 and Android 10 devices, regardless of brand or car model.

Google itself confirmed it was investigating the problem in February and announced a fix a month later.

Thanks for the reports. The Assistant team is aware of this issue and currently investigating. We'll update this thread when we have more information available. Thanks!” a member of the Android Auto team said on Google’s forums, revealing that the issue affects the Google app and not Android Auto.

Thanks for all the reports. The Google Assistant team prepared a fix for this issue for upcoming version updates on the Google app. We recommend you to keep your app up-to-date. Thanks!” he added in mid-March.

Later the same month, Google shipped two different updates for the Google app, bringing it to version 11.0.11 and then to 11.1.9. Neither, however, resolved the issue, and people kept complaining of the broken voice commands in Android Auto on the support forums.

This week, however, Google rolled out another Google app update, this time increasing the version number to 11.2.9 and then again to 11.2.11, presumably giving another try to addressing this problem.

There’s no changelog for this new release, so it’s impossible to tell if the voice commands are now working properly for everyone – as a matter of fact, Google hasn’t updated the official release notes for several versions already, so ironically, the company still claims you can now “use voice commands while navigating, even when the device has no connection.”

At the time of writing, I came across posts from Android Auto users claiming a fix was indeed included in this latest update, but at the same time, others say the voice commands are still broken down despite the latest version of the Google app installed on their devices.

If you installed the latest Google app and Android Voice commands are now back to normal, make sure you let us know in the box after the jump.


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