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Genius Youtuber Turns '86 Box Chevy Into Badass Hot Rod That Could Steal Your Girlfriend

If there’s one thing we love more than anything about custom cars, it’s when someone has the passion and the skills to turn a car most people write off as ugly or un-cool and turn it into something oozing with machismo. To some, the 1980’s Chevy Caprice was just a throwaway land barge from a bygone time. To people like this hustling young YouTuber, it’s his baby, his pride and joy.
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People in the know like to refer to these cars as “Box Chevys,” in reference to the largely boxy designs of 1980s Chevrolets like the Caprice and the Malibu. The term is the basis for the hip-hop track Box Chevy by Rick Ross. Going by Box Chevy Pee on Youtube, this man found this donked-out 1986 Caprice on Facebook marketplace for a cool $5,000, off-brand 26-inch rims and all.

When he bought the car, it sported the ever-present but totally hum-drum 305 (5.0-liter) Chevy V8 under the hood. Even in its day, this engine was an underpowered, fuel-hungry dog of a motor. Our boy fixes this problem by fitting a 5.3-liter LS engine from a 2005 Silverado 1500 pickup, along with a 4L80E transmission in its place. Consider that underpowered situation well and truly taken care of.

This classy man would have had one hell of a unique car had he left things at that. Instead, he went above and beyond to make his ride the classiest around. Starting with a sick deep blue paint job and color matching blue vinyl and plush-velvet interior with custom floor mats and LED mood lighting.

He also added the chrome trim accents via the aftermarket. The seats actually come out of a 2005 Toyota Solara, according to the video. The blue LED lights in the dashboard come together to make a one-of-a-kind car that no one else can match.

In every sense imaginable, this Box Chevy is the epitome of built, not bought custom cars. Everything from the custom Pioneer infotainment setup to the blue-painted dashboard was all a labor of love. That’s why we love to watch this man count up the dollar signs as he details how he turned it from just another car to a certified bitchin restomod.

He never gives an exact number when all is said and done, but we’re no good at math. It’s likely between $20 to $25 thousand. Better than the mid-tier Corolla you’d get for the same money. Be sure to check out BOX CHEVY PEE on Youtube if you want to learn more.

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