Gecua Boasts "The Most Opulent Interior" Around: Can Be Yours for a Solid $6.8 Million

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Folks, the vessel you're about to see is, of course, a multi-million-dollar machine. However, as luxurious as it may seem, Gecua, a Riva 88 Folgore, is within reasonable millionaire bounds. Oh, and if I wasn't clear enough if you've got the bucks, you can get your hand on this beauty right now.
For a moment, I want you to imagine that money is no object and that you've got a few million put off to the side just to splurge on some dream machine. Funny enough, some of us do, and if you're looking for the next machine to add to your ever-growing fleet of toys, Gecua is one yacht worth checking out.

For starters, this beauty is built by the folks over at Riva, the one and the same responsible for countless vessels on international waters. It also follows the guidelines for their 88 Folgore layout, which culminates in an 88-foot floating castle fit with toys, decks, and, best of all, the thrill of speed, capable of hitting a top speed upwards of 39.8 knots (46 mph) with all values open wide. That's huge!

But, because Gecua is a pre-owned vessel, it won't look exactly like an 88 Folgore if you got it right from Riva themselves. Yet there is a benefit to purchasing a pre-owned vessel, especially one as young as the Gecua - it was launched in 2021 - that of a lower price. For example, a 2022 version can be seen selling for around $8 million right out of the yard; Gecua is €6.5 million ($6.8 million).

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Now, when you pay this much for anything, you can bet your bottom dollar that it's going to be one sweet machine, typically topped and adorned with the world's most prime materials, and the Gecua surely is. From the first moment you see it, carbon fiber, mahogany, and semiprecious metals blend beautifully to attract the eye.

However, it's not all just for show. Carbon fiber is sure to be helping in keeping weight to a minimum because mahogany and other metals tend to weigh quite a bit. The latter is all about the touchy-feely side of things. Come to find out, this whole idea of the finest building materials has led to Gecua boasting "the most opulent interior" of any other 88 Folgore around.

Speaking of interiors, take that first step aboard this vessel, and let's explore the rest of what $6.8 million will get you. One of the most attractive spaces this ship boasts is the sun deck way up top of the superstructure. Sure, you can pilot the Gecua from here, but the real attraction is all the lounging around you can do.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
The rear of this space is ready with a massive sun bed, and along the sides, there are more options where you can sit, talk with guests, entertain, or just enjoy that 40-knot ride. This is also the space where you want to be seen as you roll into port.

One deck below, and more outdoor lounges can be spotted. The front of the ship includes a lounge with a tabletop and a rear-facing sun bed, too. The rest of the deck is reserved for nothing more than the wheelhouse and a lounge that screams luxury and style. Woods blend beautifully once again with semiprecious metals, only to be brought into full view with walls of glass. All the metallic panels are sure to throw light accents all over the space, so be sure to bring your Ray Bans.

Then, there's the overall homey feel of this space. Sure, it's got the luxury most millionaires want, but beyond that, colored carpeting, bookshelves, and homey fabrics bring forth that "I'm home" feeling. Take a moment and picture yourself in the center of the action. Have coffee with your family in the morning and a drink at night. Sit around and chit-chat or escape the heat.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
The rest of the Gecua is reserved for two things: sleeping and adventure. In all, four staterooms are available, suitable for up to eight guests, but it's the beach club that I liked the most. Why? Well, let me put things this way: I've seen much larger ships that lack what we find in the Gecua.

While at anchor or peacefully drifting around the local bays, the rear of the Gecua unfolds to expose a toy garage while also creating a diving and platform in the process. It's here that you can find this ship's tenders, a jet ski, and countless other toys that you decide to bring along on your trips.

Back to the sleeping quarters, the whole lavish and luxurious feel of the previously mentioned decks continues with marble bathrooms, more mahogany and metallic surfaces, and all bedrooms nestled in the belly of the beast or the lowest deck. Go ahead, stroll through the halls, test the beds, and finally settle upon the owner's suite.

At the end of the day, Gecua has it all! With speed, luxury, living standards, and a dash of adventure, you can be sure that your purchase, should you choose to do so, will bring you a different perspective on life. Heck, once you're done with it, why not put it up for charter and turn this multi-million-dollar machine into an investment?
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