Forgotten 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS Is Dirty, Dusty, and Ridiculously Intriguing

1963 Impala SS sitting under the clear sky 15 photos
Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/Craigslist
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1963 was a fairly big year for Impala SS. Two years after its debut as a $53 option package, the Super Sport was already a rockstar, sporting a very intriguing mix of the mesmerizing Impala styling with an increased performance appetite.
To nobody's surprise, Chevrolet even picked the SS to mark a historical milestone. The company's 50 millionth vehicle rolled off the assembly lines in 1963, and to celebrate the event, the GM brand invited New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller to drive a brand-new Impala SS out of the Tarrytown factory.

As such, it's really not a surprise that the 1963 Impala SS has become a highly desirable model, especially for wealthy collectors. Sure enough, not anyone can afford a perfect-10 vehicle, so getting a project car and bringing it back to tip-top shape is the preferred way to go for many people.

The 1963 SS that I recently discovered on Craigslist is at least worth a look. It comes with very few specifics, but this mysterious side makes it even more enticing. It's dirty, rusty, and lacks some parts, but all the big components still seem to be in there.

Except for the engine, that is, as the Impala looks like it has already undergone some work on this front. Most likely, someone tried to remove the engine, either for a swap or for a rebuild, but failed to complete the project. A good mechanic should be able to figure out what it's all about, so an in-person inspection is mandatory.

Without a doubt, if you don't mind a restomod or are willing to go for a restomod, a 409 Turbo-Fire would fit this Impala like a glove. The 409 was the big-block superstar in 1963, coming in three different power versions. The single four-barrel configuration produced 340 horsepower, while the mid-range version was rated at 400 horsepower. The icing on the big-block cake, and the engine that everybody would love to have on an Impala SS, generated 425 horsepower.

Despite looking rough, this Impala SS is far from becoming a rust bucket, despite requiring the obvious metal work. We're not getting a good look at the floors, but the trunk already seems to exhibit concerning holes, so it's probably safe to assume the undersides need massive repairs. Most likely, the car has been sitting outside, so the rust damage kind of makes sense.

The interior needs a thorough wash more than anything else, and the good news is that everything looks in place, including even the door panels.

Taking this Impala home isn't going to be affordable, as the car won't let it go for less than $9,500. No trades are accepted, and the car comes without a title. It's currently parked in Modesto, California.
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