Ford F-650 Super Truck Makes No Sense Whatsoever, It Is a Bully on the Road

Ford F-650 Super Truck 10 photos
Photo: Throttle House | YouTube
Ford F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super TruckFord F-650 Super Truck
The F-Series kicks off with the F-150. The higher you go in the range, the bigger the truck is. There is the 250, 350, 450 and then, there is this contraption right here, the Ford F-650 Super Truck that FoMoCo actually never built. Because it makes no sense at all!
But F650 Supertrucks did. Twenty-two years ago, tired of tearing up F-350s every three years, Chris and George Sticker, owners of Southeast Utilities, were planning to replace two of their older trucks with a SuperDuty F-650. But then they decided to build their own. Once the truck was finished, someone called and offered money to drive it home. Then the business, based in Augusta, Georgia, took off and they manufactured 62 trucks later that year.

This monstrosity started out in life as a regular F-650 commercial truck. It got the load bed of an F-350, custom exhausts behind the cab, custom front and rear bumpers, and custom everything.

The intimidating machine is powered by a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel engine with little over 300 horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque. You were expecting much more than that, weren’t you? Well, it is underpowered, but it was never meant to be a racer.

The fuel tanks are on either side of the truck and each can receive 86 gallons (325 liters) for a total of 176 gallons (650 liters) of diesel. The system allows switching between the tanks. When you click the button that does that, you get to see the mileage left running on each tank.

Ford F\-650 Super Truck
Photo: Throttle House | YouTube
The F-650 Super Truck rides high on super massive wheels that the previous owner paid $20,000 for. The vehicle can tow up to 29,000 pounds (13,154 kilograms). Eat your heart out, Tesla Cybertruck! The electric pickup truck can only deal with 11,000 pounds (4,990 kilograms).

Thomas and James from The Throttle House drove the truck from a stone yard near Toronto into the city. Once out on the road, it looks like it is going to swallow every single car that comes its way, SUVs included and regular pickup trucks included.

On the highway and in the city both, the disparity in size between the colossus and other vehicles is enormous. One thing is for sure. You don’t want to see this in your rear-view mirror closing in on you.

How does it feel to drive this jumbo truck? "Like driving a ship!" James says. If you want this truck to move forward, you have to really mean it when you press that throttle. Remember, it's only 300 horsepower that the 6.7-liter V8 engine generates under the hood of the Super Truck. But when James actually floors it, from the passenger's seat, Thomas admits he is terrified.

Ford F\-650 Super Truck
Photo: Throttle House | YouTube
Cruising down the streets of Yorkville, the Beverly Hills of Ontario, the truck feels right at home. That is the land of oddities. Still, people stare at the ridiculously large monstrosity.

Parking it seems rocket science, literally. How do you squeeze the massive truck into a parking spot? Once they get off the vehicle to get some ice cream, a woman comes to ask them what it is. Others stop and stare and take pictures. When they get back to the F-650, they realize that they were not allowed to park in the area at that time of day.

But checking to see if they got a parking ticket involves either climbing up on the hood or jumping to see if there is anything left by the police on the windshield. Luckily, they didn’t get a parking ticket, because police must have thought it was a work truck. Truck drivers wave at them, thinking they are doing the same job, unaware they are just driving a showoff truck.

You can’t go to a drive-thru in this truck, but there are a lot of things that you can drive kids to school in the morning, go fully loaded to the construction site after that, then show up at the opera in the evening. So just about everything goes. Just don’t honk. You’re going to deafen people around and make their hearts skip a beat with that train horn that the vehicle now has.

Ford F\-650 Super Truck
Photo: Throttle House | YouTube
This giant is for sale for $300,000. The price includes all the attention that you can’t possibly grab in a, let's say, Toyota Camry. But life in the company of a mega truck can’t possibly be easy.

It doesn't fit a regular parking spot, it is too tall for most underground parking lots, there is not a change in the world you can go to a McDonald's drive-thru in that, it costs a kidney to fill those tanks up, and there is a big risk you hit a few vehicles on the way to your destination and don’t even notice from up there.

Who buys such a monster? Football, basketball, and baseball players are queuing for one, says the company that does such conversions. Kings and racers are also on the waiting list.

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