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Ford F-150 Raptor vs. Ariel Nomad Comparison Is a David - Goliath Offroad Fight

In theory, both the Raptor incarnation of the Ford F-150 and Ariel's Nomad are machines that don't make sense. And yet, the kind of real-world giggles they deliver mean that we're looking at gods that have the power to convert many aficionados to the offroading religion. So when we came across a comparo involving the two, we simply had to share it with you.
Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ariel Nomad 5 photos
Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ariel NomadFord F-150 Raptor vs Ariel NomadFord F-150 Raptor vs Ariel NomadFord F-150 Raptor vs Ariel Nomad
The Nomad and the Raptor went out to play in Johnson Valley, with California's rugged terrain recreational area allowing Drive Tribe to put the contraptions through their paces.

As Jethro Bovingdon admits in this clip, playing with any of the two can easily become addictive. As such, anybody willing to engage in such activities might get a bit of a Mad Max feeling - is there enough gasoline around?

Many of you might wonder what happens when such a pair gets a British review, but the English used here can actually be associated to the rugged terrain dialect, with the bouncing accent being the dominant figure.

Speaking of which, you'll notice the Nomad bounces off quite a bit. While the reinvented Atom obviously doesn't pack the terrain taming abilities of the Blue Oval animal, it looks like its Ohlins suspension, which can be adjusted in terms of ground clearance, bound and rebound, used a tarmac setup for this stunt.

Truth be told, the Nomad and the Raptor cater to different audiences, even though the goal of having your garage adorned with both doesn't sound half bad. For one thing, these beasts would help a collector save a lot of money car wash bills.

So, is shifting gears with sand in your teeth better than getting the feeling that you've gone offroading in your living room? Hit the "play" button below and you'll get enough material to draw a conclusion. 

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