Fisker Caught Using Fake Accounts to Place Favorable Comments on Articles

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We said something in a previous article about Fisker not insisting on building hype around the car using classic teasing techniques. While that may be the case, it doesn't mean he isn't very much interested in making sure as many people as possible hear about his plans and get excited about it.
In fact, he might just be a little too interested, as a recent article on The Truth About Cars (TTAC) showed. The author found something fishy about some of the comments that appeared on reports of Fisker's initial photo, so he went on to investigate. It turned out most of the blatantly laudative messages, even though appeared as posted by different persons, came from the same VPN.

Further investigation found out that the one person behind them all is none other than Henrik Fisker's wife, Geeta Fisker (former Gupta). Apparently, since Mr. Fisker himself is completely oblivious to all things social media (he's the kind of man that still uses paper and pencil to draw his cars, after all), it's his wife that takes care of promoting the brand online.

Contacted by TTAC, a company spokesperson sent this reply: “To the best of our knowledge, none of our employees or vendors have been involved in these activities. We are talking to all of our employees, vendors and partners to make our policy clear and to reiterate that we have never, and will not ever tolerate this moving forward.”

Well, if sean_cohen, Derek_, Jerry__, and all the other users who felt the sudden urge to comment on the first photo of the EV don't make a comeback for its second image, then we can safely assume it was a lesson learned for Fisker, a trick he (or, rather "she") won't ever attempt again. Or, at least, do a better job at hiding it.

Fisker has quite a fight on his hands and the memory of the Fisker Karma failure is probably still a fresh one. He desperately wants to get it right this time and you kind of feel obliged to root for him. He's a passionate man who also happens to draw very beautiful cars, so what's not to like about him? Let's just hope his wife doesn't sink the company even before it sets off with her questionable techniques.
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