Fisker Relaunch Promises 400-Mile EV with Ultra-Quick Charging Capabilities

Fisker Karma 1 photo
Photo: Fisker
It seems like Henrik Fisker isn't very imaginative when it comes to naming his companies. Either that, or he's very much in love with his surname because he's just announced the launch of his new enterprise in the automotive field, and unsurprisingly, it's called Fisker.
Luckily, he proves to have a lot more inspiration when holding a pencil in his hand, with countless designs showing this man's mind isn't so lackluster as his naming habits would have you believe. Out of them all, we're probably most familiar with the Fisker Karma, the beautiful GT-shaped sedan that shows Porsche Panamera how it's done.

Unfortunately, Fisker's business know-how wasn't up to his design talents, so his company has had a bit of a roller coaster ride before going bankrupt. It is now owned by the Chinese Wanxiang Group, but the Danish artist kept the rights to the name. Which kind of makes sense considering it's the same name written on his ID as well.

We've told you earlier today that Fisker is relaunching the brand, but now more info on the actual vehicle has surfaced. It would appear that Mr. Fisker is aiming really high and plans on releasing an EV with a maximum range of over 400 miles. In an interview with Bloomberg, he revealed that the company had been working in stealth mode for the past two years and plans on releasing images of the new car sometime mid-2017.

The yet unnamed future Fisker EV will boast not only an enviable range, but also the ability to charge extremely quickly. That's down to the new technology used in manufacturing the battery pack, which Fisker Nanotech (the company's battery division) CEO, Jack Kavanaugh, says is based on the work of several UCLA professors who have been toying with energy storage solutions. The battery pack will reportedly contain some lithium, but it will be different from what we've grown accustomed to in current EVs.

Electrek claims that the technology Kavanaugh talks about is most likely related to hybrid capacitors, which would fit the bill. Capacitors are known for their ability to charge and discharge extremely quickly, but they are also famous for having a very low energy density. If Fisker found a way around this caveat, then we could be looking at the first EV with ultra-fast charging times. Couple that with the promised maximum range of 650 km, and nobody will be missing the internal combustion engines anymore.

Fisker's plans are to release a mass market car a few years after its initial luxury model. To get the money for that, Fisker is considering selling its battery technology to other carmakers. They say they are in tentative talks with a couple of them, but it's still too early to talk about any concrete deals. It's a little too early to talk about anything related with Fisker, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. A 400-mile EV designed by the man who drew the Karma, the Aston Martins DB9 and Vantage, and the BMW Z8? Yes, please.
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