Henrik Fisker Teases His New Company's EV, Promises More Info Next Week

Henrik Fisker's new concept 1 photo
Photo: Henrik Fisker
Henrik Fisker sure isn't wasting any time. After announcing he's starting a new company earlier this month, he has now shown a teaser for the first car he plans to release on the market, and promises to deliver more information next week.
The single image shows an elegant sedan that looks like a mix between the original Fisker Karma and a Tesla Model X. The unnamed prototype isn't as sleek as the Karma missing that long bonnet, but its shapes are nicely rounded and show why Henrik Fisker was always considered one of the most talented designers in the industry.

For a teaser image, Fisker's offering is quite revealing. We get to see the overall shape of the car in all its glory, and glorious it is, especially that tail at the back and the hunches over the wheels. However, lacking any idea of the design of the front and rear, it's still impossible to pass judgment, but based strictly on the shape, we'd go for the Fisker over a Tesla Model S or Lucid Motor's upcoming luxury sedan.

Notice we haven't said anything about the doors yet. In the tweet he used to make the announcement, Fisker calls them a "breakthrough," saying they allow for easier ingress/egress. Looking at the narrow opening up high where my head would be, I would like to disagree with that opinion. I like them, they're cool and don't need so much lateral space when open, but I don't find them practical. With the falcon doors taken, we guess Fisker had to think of something else, and this was what he came up with. Anyway, double butterfly doors on the same side would probably be a first on a production vehicle.

In his interview on October 4, Henrik Fisker talked a little about the technical aspects of the car, and they sound too good to be true (probably because they are). He says electric his sedan will jump straight to the 400-mile (nearly 650 km) range milestone, and as if that weren't enough, it will also be able to replenish its batteries super-fast thanks to a new type of hybrid supercapacitor technology involving graphene.

We hope whatever clarifications he plans to offer next week will shed a lot more light on his new car. With the claims he's made, we have to admit we don't care that much about its design but we're more interested in the tech. Forget about butterfly doors, an energy storage device that can charge ultra-quickly? Now THAT would be a breakthrough.
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