Jeremy Clarkson Gets Trolled by ATM, Then by His Twitter Followers

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It's October 18, which means we can start a one-month-long countdown for the debut of the Grand Tour show. I see some of you have a puzzled look on your faces, so I'll just assume you've been in a coma for the past year and a half and explain,
The old Top Gear is dead, but there's a new program that promises to be just as good, if not better. It features the same band as before made up of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, joined by executive producer Andy Willman. Some of the old technical crew have made the move as well, so expect things to pick up right where they left off.

The new show is called the Grand Tour, and will first air on November 18 on Amazon Prime. That means you still have time to make the necessary arrangements for viewing the first episode, promised to have the most expensive opening scene in the history of TV. If that's not enough to raise our curiosity, then nothing is.

The show's vehiculated budgets are pretty crazy, and a good part of them will go into the pockets of the three hosts. Well, not unless the Royal Bank of Scotland has something to say about it, as Jeremy Clarkson found out on his own account.

As he was trying to withdraw some money at an RBS ATM on Saturday, the machine took his credit card but went on to die before Jeremy could take the cash or retrieve his card. Left in an awkward situation, Jezza did what we all would have done: turned to social media for help.

He posted a question on Twitter asking for advice, but what he got wasn't exactly helpful. People suggested he used a hammer, knowing how handy Clarkson is with tools. Others, more inspired, said he should punch it in the face, a reference to the incident that led to the rupture between the presenter and BBC. One prankster told Jeremy to call the AA (nothing to do with alcohol), to which the car company replied: "Since when did we become a bank?"

Finally, after being called out, the real bank involved in the incident got involved and promised to sort things out. "Dear RBS," Jezza wrote in another tweet, "You took all my cash when everything wetn tits up. Why have you now stolen my credit card?" Ignoring the poke about freezing his accounts back when the BBC fired him, somebody from the RBS came back with an answer assuring Clarkson that everything will be sorted out.

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