Fernando Alonso Believes That Being the Oldest Driver in F1 Gives Him an Advantage

If you stop and think about it, it’s a little silly that people are making such a big deal out of Fernando Alonso being the oldest driver in Formula 1 at 40 years old – set to turn 41 this upcoming July. Far older drivers have raced in this sport than Alonso, people well into their 50s, and this was back when these cars were a lot more demanding to drive.
Alpine F1 driver Fernando Alonso 6 photos
Alpine F1 driver Fernando AlonsoAlpine F1 driver Fernando AlonsoAlpine F1 driver Fernando AlonsoAlpine F1 driver Fernando AlonsoAlpine F1 driver Fernando Alonso
This is something the Spanish driver knows all too well, and he views his vast experience as a racer to be quite valuable, especially with these new regulations in place for the 2022 season (and beyond).

“On the age, I feel good, honestly I feel an advantage,” he told Autosport when asked how he feels about being the oldest F1 driver on the grid. “When I come to a circuit, I know the circuits. Now everyone is testing this 18-inch tire, and I know very well these tires from the WEC.”

“There is exactly the same behavior on the tires, and the same way you have to drive the tire, which is very different. So, all the things that I am facing, for other people are live for the first time, and for me it’s a second or third time. So this is good.”

The Alpine man does however acknowledge that the busy F1 calendar year can take its toll on someone, as it requires a lot of sacrifices, and you need to keep yourself constantly motivated to perform at your best while being away from home for most of the year.

Thankfully, F1 cars are much easier to drive today than they were in the past – which is another thing known all too well by Alonso, and probably most other drivers too.

“Physically, I think the cars of today are not very demanding. I think 2004-05, maybe the age was a limitation,” he concluded.

Alonso finished the 2021 season P10 in the Driver Standings with 81 points, having performed admirably throughout the season.


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