F-35 Conducts First Aerial Firing with 25mm Gun

F-35 Conducts First Aerial Firing with 25mm Gun 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
F-35 test pilot Maj Charles "Flak" Trickey recently conducted the first aerial gun firing for Lockheed Martin. We're talking about the GAU-22/A 25mm gun from a normal F-35A model that will provide the US Air Force with the ability to engage air-to-ground or air-to-air weapon targets.
Just because most aerial combat is now carried out at long distances doesn't mean we should underestimate the value of the gun in close dogfights. The F-35B/C will replace the Harrier for the Navy and Marines, so it needs to have a great ground attack capability as well.

The gun could mean the difference between life and death if the United States ever finds itself in a conflict with a superpower. In stealth mode, the F-35 has a minute load capability of 4 missiles, compared to 14 for the SU-35.

The thing is that the F-35 might not be very good in a dogfight, making the small caliber pointless against anything other than soft ground targets. The F-16 multirole fighter remains the backbone of the Air Force with other one thousand planes still in service. Even though it has been in production for 40 years, the latest F-16D model spanked the F-35 in a mock dogfight. As a pure fighter, the F-15 Eagle is still a decent machine, and the Israelis just ordered a bunch more.

The carrier version that's supposed to have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities is faced by a bunch of other problems. These include the fact that specially commissioned Navy carriers cannot cope with continuous operations of the F-35B and the MV-22. Apparently, the hot exhaust gasses are too… hot.

Instead of a gun mounted in the wing, the F-35B will feature a detachable ventral gun pop (in the middle of the belly). This system will increase the aircraft's radar section while only housing a few smart rounds. They are developing a new sub-50lb smart munition system, but it won't have the same shock and awe as the retired A-10 Warthog.

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