The Batmobile Egoista Is Like Superhero-Supercar Fusion Cooking

Batmobile Egoista 1 photo
Photo: Yasid Design
You know those cooks who take a strawberry, mash it into a pulp that they freeze and turn back into a strawberry? Well, creating car art is a bit like that too. You have to remember everything there is about a particular vehicle – the history, the character and all the subtleties – than recreate it from scratch.
Graphic master Yasid Design is rendering up a storm these days, and all his works appear to strike a chord with petrolheads.

One of his latest works combines the Lamborghini Egoista one-off with the lines of the Batmobile to create the ultimate crime-fighting track car… or something like that.

The combination is spot-on since both the recent Tumbler Batmobile and the Egoista have stealth-fighter looks and the cockpit in the middle. When it was revealed back in 2013, some people said the selfish man's supercar was just like something the Gotham Knight would own.

Designed by the head of design at Volkswagen, Walter de Silva, the car is one of the company’s more aggressive concepts and is meant to represent hedonism without any limits. But by comic books standards, it's rather tame. In Batman Forever, Hollywood dreamed up the Wallrunner, which had giant wings and glowed blue in the dark.

Based on the Aventador, the Veneno produced 750 horsepower and topped out at over 220 miles per hour. Considering one of those sells for around three million dollars, we can only presume that the Egoista Batmobile would cost into eight figures.

What we want to know is if this is what Bruce Wayne's Lambo looks like in the future, what will Tony Stark's Audi be?

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