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Europe Finally Getting More Love From Apple Maps

Apple Maps is obviously the go-to alternative to Google Maps for iPhone users, not necessarily because it’s the best navigation app out there but thanks to Apple pre-loading it with their devices.
Apple Maps car on Google Maps 1 photo
So most people give Apple Maps a try because it’s the native navigation app, though some end up disappointed upon learning that their regions are missing out on the latest updates announced by Apple.

And it’s all because until now, the rollout of the new Apple Maps experience and the modern feature arsenal is still painfully slow, with the Cupertino-based tech giant still focusing mostly on the United States. Starting mid-2020, however, Apple has slowly been working on expanding Apple Maps to more non-U.S. regions too, and this week, cars used to collect data for Look Around landed in Poland.

A photo published on Facebook shows an Apple Maps car in Poland, and Apple too has updated its list of countries currently being surveyed with several cities in the European country. According to the company, the data collection should then come to an end in August.

As for when Poland could finally become available with Look Around data on Apple Maps, that’s pretty impossible to estimate. That's simply because it could take from several months to forever for Apple to process the data because, as we said earlier, the company has never been in a major rush to update non-U.S. locations.

That is quite a shame, actually, as Apple Maps is seen by many as the only application that can serve as a full replacement to Google Maps. And while Apple struggles to bring its new-generation features to more locations, Google Maps is already available nearly everywhere, and just as expected, Google itself is also working around the clock on bringing additional functionality to its app.

Google Maps will soon be able to figure out hard-braking roads, therefore providing users with safer routes that come with a reduced likelihood of accidents.


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