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Euclid E-bike is One Geometrically Enhanced Ride for Any Hipster Showoff
What do we like most about e-bikes? Is it the way they look? Or is it the way they perform? Maybe it’s their ability to fold or their ecological friendly goodness. Whatever the reason you love a bike or an e-bike, some love them enough to design their own.

Euclid E-bike is One Geometrically Enhanced Ride for Any Hipster Showoff

Euclid E-bikeEuclid E-bikeEuclid E-bikeEuclid E-bikeEuclid E-bikeEuclid E-bike
One of those lovers of e-bikes, or rather, anything that is used in transportation, is designer Lin Yu Cheng from the Taiwan Region. The idea behind the design was to create a city bike that is both stylish and comfortable. Upon first impression, I wasn’t sure of wither aspects, but as time passed, it started to tickle by bike senses.

First off, just as its name implies, the Euclid is all about geometry. Wide tubes and rims with long continuous lines are its main features, aside from being an e-bike of course. But we’ll get to that later on. For now, let’s have a closer look at the design.

Some of the main components that deserve attention are the frame and fork. The front fork is rather designed more like a road bike fork. But unlike road-bikes, this one includes a suspension hidden in the extra wide fork.

From there we can also see that the handlebar post is unlike others we’ve seen. Unlike a classic handlebar stem which lies horizontally, here we find a vertical stem and no visible headset. Even the tubing is made more to resemble the fork and the rest of the frame.

Speaking of headset, there is one on the bike, but it's more of a hinge system similar to the ones we find on doors. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its place on the bike. It looks rather cool and allows the geometry of the front fork to continue onto the frame.

As for the frame, the only methods I know of that could allow for such a shape is carbon fiber layering or CNC milling. Although the latter is nearly impossible and downright expensive to pull off. But what I like most about the frame is that all tubes are one continuous piece. The only other additions to the frame would be the rear swingarm and hydraulic suspension.

The rear of the bike too is a bit different. Here too we see a wide and long chain stay that starts its journey at the crankset, rather than at the seat tube. What seat tube? This component too has been eliminated from the bike, and the seat is supported by the top tube.

Now, this design is electric. Have you been able to spot the battery yet? If not, it’s that panel looking component under the top tube. But we know nothing of power levels or charge times because, why would we, it’s just a concept.

As for the motor, this design seems to mimic more of MTB design and houses the motor not in the wheels but directly into the crankset. Here too we know nothing of the power levels or if there are any speeds. Clearly Shimano had nothing to do with this design.

Sadly, this bike will not be seen riding around town, but it will take a ride through your mind. And who knows, maybe it sparks the next subculture.


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