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El Reverso Tiny House Features a Flipped Design and a Cozy, Second Story Deck

Just the fact that it is small, mobile, and cozy, makes the El Reverso tiny house an appealing option to consider if you ever think about downsizing. But this particular model from Uber Tiny Homes also brings a different kind of design to the table.
El Reverso Tiny House 14 photos
El Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny HouseEl Reverso Tiny House
Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Uber Tiny Homes offers a wide selection of tiny house designs to choose from, with each of them bringing some unique features to the table. I got hooked on this company’s designs ever since I covered the Yin Yang RV model, with Casa del Amor and the Paddys Spanish Casa also being among my favorites.

What makes the El Reverso stand out is its upside-down design, as its name clearly suggests. This tiny house measures 9.6 m (31.4 ft) in length, 3 m (9.8 ft) in width, and 3.8 m (12.4 ft) in height. It also comes in an RV version, with its width being reduced to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) and its height increased to 4.3 m (14.1 ft), to make it road-suitable.

Now back to what makes this tiny house special: El Reverso comes with a flipped loft design, featuring a bedroom with low headroom downstairs and a lounge room upstairs, offering a higher headroom (1900 mm/6’2” on the high side). Uber Tiny Homes says this reversed design is more than just a head-turner, with the tiny house being also ergonomic and practical if done correctly.

El Reverso has the kitchen and bathroom downstairs, with the latter being spacious enough to fit a full-size bathtub. The kitchen is designed to fit an oven, a cooktop, and a washing machine under the kitchen bench. In addition to being suitable for dining, the island bench with seating can also serve as a prep space for cooking, or as a workbench.

Access to the upstairs lounge is made via a set of stairs with storage in them. The lounge room is really spacious and comes with a large bed for daytime naps or cozy movie nights. A modular, optional, second story deck is also available with the El Reverso, making the entire space even more inviting. You can easily take it apart if necessary.

If you’re sold on the El Reverso, you should know that there are two options when it comes to Uber Tiny Homes’ tiny houses. If you live in Australia, you can contact the company to build the house for you. This particular model goes for around USD 101,800, but, as I said, the offer is only available for the Australian market.

However, you can still build yourself the El Reverso no matter where you live in the world because Uber Tiny Homes also sells detailed floor plans of all its designs. The company’s website hasn’t been updated in terms of pricing, but, as mentioned on the Facebook page, the plans for the El Reverso will cost you USD 200. For this amount, you’ll also get 15 high-quality renders to show the layout and the house’s aesthetics.

Uber Tiny Homes even offers online courses that teach you how to build your own tiny house and save up to 50 percent.

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