Ducati 600SS Loves Imbarcadero 14’s Aftermarket Treatment

Prepare to witness a stunning display of bespoke wizardry at its finest!
Ducati 600SS 7 photos
Ducati 600SSDucati 600SSDucati 600SSDucati 600SSDucati 600SSDucati 600SS
Just over a month ago, we visited Imbarcadero 14’s portfolio to drool over a monstrous Honda CB1000R. To be frank, this brutal entity does a great job at demonstrating that Imb.14’s moto specialists aren’t playing around. I’ll tell you what, let’s take a minute to examine yet another one of this Italian workshop’s most notable ventures.

The donor for this project was once a regular Ducati 600SS. It is put in motion by a relentless L-twin fiend, with four desmodromic valves and a respectable displacement of 583cc. This malicious piece of air-cooled machinery will gladly supply up to 53 hp at approximately 8,250 rpm.

On the other hand, a feral torque output of 36 pound-feet (49 Nm) will be delivered at 7,000 revs. A five-speed transmission is tasked with feeding the engine’s force to the rear 17-inch wheel by means of a chain final drive. Ultimately, this whole shebang leads to a generous top speed of 120 mph (193 kph). Furthermore, the 600SS will run the quarter mile in no more than thirteen seconds at 100 mph (160 kph).

Imbarcadero kicked things off by removing each and every last piece of the bike’s original bodywork. At the rear, you will find a new loop-style subframe that supports a custom two-seater saddle, as well as LED turn signals and a fresh taillight module. To achieve a truly rugged aesthetic, perforated side panels were attached to 600SS’ frame.

Additionally, the rear hoop was enveloped in alloy discs, while a bulky belly pan keeps things looking rad. The Imb.14 crew went as far as fabricating a bespoke exhaust system and a neat carbon fiber dashboard, as well as an angular front fairing that hosts a beefy headlight unit.

To top it all off, the Italian surgeons proceeded to wrap the wheels in top-shelf Sportmax Mutant tires from Dunlop’s range.

What’s your take on Imbarcadero’s surreal one-off madness?


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